Hello there! I’m Blanka, a student and freelance writer in Canada. Each day I aim to live as mindfully and eco-consciously as I can. On this blog ‘Being Mindful With Blanka’, we’ll explore positive topics (ONLY) around minimalism and its effects on space and mind, informed and careful consumption, how to be sustainable in our hectic, ever-changing world, being reflective on our mental health, and more. I hope to inspire you, make you laugh with my writing, and add a little more sparkle to your day! After all, in its turmoil and best of times, life cannot be only serious without any fun!   

  Hello lovely readers, welcome to my blog How-To with Heidi! I will admit this will be my first time writing a blog, but I’m incredibly excited to share with you all my journey of giving my life an eco-friendly makeover and how you can too! First, a little bit about myself, I am a CrossFit obsessed, environmental advocate, and food fanatic currently in grade 12. The goal of this blog is to show people that no matter how eco-friendly (or non-eco-friendly) their habits are, there are simple things that anyone can do to make their life less harmful to our beautiful world.

Hello, hello! Welcome to Alex’s Adventures, a blog where we tackle the truths of pollution, enjoy stories, outdoor trips, learn about the preservation of Okanagan landmarks, while we share the experiences of living a more sustainable lifestyle.

During these times of fast fashion, fast food, fads, and social media, the last thing I used to think about was the plastic cup, lid, and straw my frappuccino came with at Starbucks. Now, if I forget my reusable cup, I can forget about a good mood until ten AM too. No reusable cup, no coffee. Less plastic, more fish!

My dedication to our planet comes from my childhood, my family, and my education. Every camping trip, afternoon laying outside in the hammock in mid-August beneath the trees, and time spent learning Earth Science, empowered me to protect our beautiful environment. This meant change for my mindset and lifestyle!