Chasing Waterfalls

On April 11th, 2020, I snapped on my homemade fabric facemask, wiped down my steering wheel and hopped in my Yaris, ready for a little day-trip. The previous day I went on the same road adventure with my family. It is amazing discovering small gems in the Shu, the first thing you want to do is share these beauties with the people closest to you. On my way to pick up one of my ride or die adventurers, I got excited about driving out to neighbouring communities and towns. Passing through Silver Creek, visiting Falkland, and going on a small town canyon run in B.C’s rural interior. After picking up Sam, we turned up the music and went on our way. The first hidden beauty visited was a sacred waterfall nestled in and cascading over the side of mount Ida. The water freefalls little over 40 feet until it hits the ground in a series of powerful showers. At the base of the falls, a small pool resides in fractured brown, and oxidized rocks. These rocks are what your hiking ground is made out of, making it a grind to get all the way up the steep incline. This destination will leave your soul in awe of its peacefulness. It is worth every drop of sweat. Indigenous stories tell visitors to be respectful while hiking the mountainside and visiting the waterfall, because it is sacred ground. If you do decide to wonder at this waterfall, hold an open and conscientious heart. My appreciation for our planet is built from organic outdoor experiences, education, my admiration for untamed life, and surrounding myself with nature's grace. I'm constantly grateful for how our earth provides for us!! So, this Earth Day April 22, 2020, I made sure to plant some flowers and a small garden with my Ma. It may not be much, but it feels good to give back to the environment. Every effort makes a difference. To insure that landmarks like our sacred waterfall in Silver Creek stay healthy and stick around, we can: - be aware of our water consumption. The less water we use in shorter showers, making sure to turn off the tap, the less we drain water from our local resources. - respect and practice land conservation by reducing our energy consumption, this is where lifestyle and habits change!! (for the better ;) ) Click on either of these links for lots of great information on how to support our ecosystems and give back to our environment! Keep reading for our adventures at Pillar Lake! Ciao! -Alex :)

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