Crush your Plastic Consumption

Hello again, lovely readers! For my second blog post I will be breaking down the hot topic of reducing your plastic consumption into four easy steps that anyone can follow. Personally, I am nowhere near being 100% zero waste; however, over the past couple of years I have learnt that by being more conscious of the amount of plastic you buy, it can reduce your footprint substantially. 

Here I have compiled four lists of simple things that you can do in order to reduce your plastic consumption. But first, my biggest piece of advice: Implement these steps one at a time to lessen the chances of being overwhelmed. Once you have mastered one, add the next until you feel confident to move onto the next. This slow habit building is the easiest and most successful route to becoming a more eco-friendly individual.

Unfortunately, due to this pandemic, some of the eco-friendly options that were available to us before, are no longer. I will still be mentioning things that may currently not be permitted; however, I encourage you to take this time to focus on other habits that you can change first. Then, when the pandemic restrictions are lifted, you can focus on those newly permitted eco-friendly options.

Grocery Shopping

  • Always bring reusable bags with you. Keep one in your car so that you always have one with you.

  • If you have any plastic produce bags don’t throw them away! Shake/rinse them out then bring them to the store with you to use again.

  • Buy in bulk whenever possible. You can invest in some cute, long-lasting containers and bring those to the store to fill up with your bulk goodies.

  • Avoid buying pre-chopped fruits and vegetables, as they come unnecessarily packaged in plastic.

  • Buy drinks in cans instead of plastic bottles, aluminum cans can be recycled over and over again into new cans, whereas plastic must be downcycled into something of lesser quality.


  • If you go to a mall, bring a couple of large reusable bags for you to put all of your purchases instead of getting a plastic bag from each store you go to.

  • Avoid purchasing clothing (and other items as well!) online whenever possible, it comes with way more packaging than buying in person.

  • Try to avoid buying brand new, there are lots of great thrift stores out there.

Self Care

  • Switch to bar shampoo and conditioner, they can be purchased entirely zero waste and they last much longer than the bottled versions.

  • Switch to a metal razor, or if you aren’t into metal get a razor where only the heads are disposable instead of the entire thing.

  • Make your own toothpaste or buy toothpaste tablets.

  • Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

  • Switch to tampons with a cardboard applicator or no applicator. Better yet, switch to a menstrual cup.


  • Invest in some reusable containers so you can ditch plastic snack bags for your meals on the go.

  • Get some bee’s wax wrap to keep things fresh instead of plastic wrap.

  • Don’t buy bottled water - drink tap water instead. If you don’t enjoy the taste of tap water get a water filter.

These are so of the tips and tricks I have found! Comment below ways that you reduce your plastic consumption I would love to hear them! 

- Heidi 

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