Think Before You Eat.

Hi! My name is Blanka, and this is my first blog post! Eating eco-consciously is a topic, that through experience, I have learnt some tips and tricks in navigating and I’d love to share this with you guys!

Firstly, I do eat meat! When I do, I try to purchase locally and consume it consciously. I want to say that being vegan or vegetarian to help the earth and eat sustainably is super awesome, too! I’ve found in the past couple of years on my journey of living more sustainably that not wanting to give up meat but still eat sustainably can be challenging, which is why I wanted to talk about it! 

Deforestation, and water pollution are both massive negative impacts on our planet; it’s understandable why millions of people opt to go for a meatless diet. If you don’t wish to completely give up meat, but want to eat more sustainably, below are a few more options to think about.

1. Try reducing your meat consumption.

How many times would you ideally like to eat meat each week? For me, it was around 3-4 times weekly. Personally, I don't love all types of meat to begin with, I tried cutting down the meat intake by 1-3 meals, which was a relatively smooth process. 

2. Think of meat as a accessory to the meal.

If you would like to reduce the amount of meat you consume further, try thinking of meat as a small component of a meal. For example, instead of focusing mainly on a chicken breast with other food on the side in my meal, I’ll often put it in a salad!

3. Try to go local!

Whenever my I can, we try to buy our meat from local sources such as; neighbours, in-town operated stores, and small family farms alike. Not only can you feel good about eating well-raised meat, but you’ll be supporting your local community too!

Of course, as Shakespeare once said: “To eat less meat, or not to eat meat, that is the question”. Haha but no really, I hope I was able to shed some light on things I do to reduce my meat consumption, while still including it in my diet! Ultimately, what works for one person is different for another, and thinking about sustainability is always fashionable.

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