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The Mirella Project was founded in December of 2018; when an eager first-year university student, discovered the discouraging truth about climate change. She took it upon herself to aid in a movement that would create an impactful change throughout her community, as well as communities surrounding. And thus The Mirella Project was born. The Mirella Project is a Non-Profit organization that is built up of youth volunteers. Our goal is to educate citizens on issues of Climate Change, by teaching them about how they can help in the solution. By providing information and resources, we can all begin to live more eco-friendly lifestyles. The Mirella Project is made up of 7 groups, that are designed to achieve a certain goal over a two-year span; once the two years are up, we hope to work on the next level of what we have started. These groups consist of: Education, Habitat, Local Food, Plastics in General, Renewable Energy, The Industry plan, and Proper Waste Management. The groups will create plans to reflect the needs of the community. The plans will be detail-oriented and goal-focused to ensure that progress will be frequently made. We also realize that there are already many amazing environmental groups everywhere around the world, which we plan on teaming up with. This way we can work together to create the greatest amount of change.

Our team is diving headfirst into the issues that our world faces, to figure out ways to solve them. In doing so, we are creating a movement that looks at Climate Change from a different perspective. We want to inspire people to work together to overcome all of the overwhelming issues of climate change. The smallest things make the biggest difference; and we believe that a whole lot of little change, built up over a certain amount of time, will make the biggest difference.

We are very excited about the journey we are on, we hope that this is something you want to be a part of.

Let’s Change the world,

-The Mirella Project

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